A Course In Miracles As A Total Alternative To YOUR World of Sickness, Pain And Death.

You’ve already clicked onto the next page, and that’s fine because I’m only looking for the person who is in serious need of change. If you are happy in your little dream, far-be-it for me to take that away from you, as if I really could.

A Course In Miracles is your step out of time. It is what your enlightenment is. It is You talking to yourself. But without a real necessity for change it becomes a  bunch of meaningless concepts, which you will study in some attempt to glean meaning. ACIM means EXACTLY what it says, no more, no less.

Why is a change necessary? Because you think you can be separate from everything. I know you think that there is a world full of “other” people doing all sorts of crazy things to each other, no, it’s just you.

This is where we part company because you can’t stand the thought of being the cause of all the pain and suffering in the world. Is that too tough? Should I tone things down a bit?

GOD DOES NOT KNOW OF SICKNESS,PAIN AND DEATH. If I have to explain that to you  then your not as far a long as I had hoped. That’s OK this is what time is for but the work at hand is the undoing of what never was. You have the Course, you need an experience of light that will UNDO everything you ever thought, the light does the work. All you are asked for is a little willingness.

Have you had enough?

This world WILL change, through you, through a simple change of Mind but it takes you. Jesus IS with you and the miracle of salvation,through forgiveness, is yours for the teaching.Teach it to learn it.

Let me know if can help you in this.

God Bless

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