A Course In Miracles – Without Death What Else Is There To Do Except Awaken.

As everyone may already know, from reading my book ( a shameless plug) one of my very first awakening experiences was having death taken away from me as a way of getting out of my self imposed nightmare.

I recently had a correspondence with a teacher of A Course In Miracles in which they declared ” I’m not sure I believe that anyone still here in the illusion has actually “awakened” in the Course sense of the word.” I inquired as to what and how they teach A Course In Miracles. I have not received a response and I don’t really expect one. I am talking to myself. I am dreaming. I am awake by the auspices of the miracle and the Grace of God. I find myself in time but certainly not bound by it in any regard. And this is the thing I am looking at in regards to beliefs. What do you think awakening is? Who is there to argue whether or not you are awake? It can certainly be revealed by what it is you say and do here.

Telling you that you are now and have always and only ever been at home with God and that this never happened may give you a great sense of relief but I have found that it is usually met with “how do you know that?” For which I have no real response. Apart from the fact that it is written down in A Course In Miracles from Jesus through the Mind of God.

So what are you teaching? Especially if death no longer gives you an escape option. You are teaching all the time and even as a teacher I am still being ask to look at the ideas presented to me in my dream. What do I think enlightenment is? What do I think awakening is? Can forgiveness really save me from this nightmare? What is salvation?

God creates ONLY that which is whole, perfect and eternal if you accepted that you would disappear in Light. Having decided NOT to accept it you have A Course In Miracles. It is a required course and it will be accepted in it entirety or not at all.

Everything you do and say teaches all the world. So what is it you are teaching?

2 thoughts on “A Course In Miracles – Without Death What Else Is There To Do Except Awaken.

  1. Here’s what I think awakening is: First, you get kind of a nudge (maybe many, before you notice). You crack one eye open and look around to see who did that. Then you get a solid poke. You think, hey, that’s weird. Then you start hearing things. Hints. Whispers. Your curiosity is peeked. Then you are shown some things. For the first time, they make sense. You decide to get up and start walking, even though you can’t see a thing on the path ahead. If you’re lucky, you find someone to take your hand. To guide you. To reach out when you stumble or don’t think you can take another step (thank you, Tony.) The way gets a little easier, the clouds break up, the rain trickles off and finally stops. Then, a burst of sunshine so bright that nothing ever looks the same again in that light. All thought of sleep and silly dreams is gone, but the journey isn’t over yet. But you’re not afraid anymore, and you travel the path surely, dropping everything you find you don’t need until you see you have nothing and need nothing…because you are everything.
    PS Loved the book 🙂

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