We Share A Single Source.

You did not ESTABLISH your value, and it needs no defense. NOTHING can attack it, or prevail over it. It does not vary. It merely IS. Ask the Holy Spirit WHAT it is, and He will tell you. But do not be afraid of His Answer, for it comes from God. It IS an exalted answer, because of its Source. But the Source is true, and so is its answer. Listen and do not question what you hear, for God does not deceive. He would have you replace the ego’s belief in littleness with His own exalted answer to the question of your being, so that you can cease to question it, and KNOW it, for what it IS.” Thats Jesus from His A Course In Miracles.

Whenever you try to establish your own value you will always end up in death, but that’s only because you under estimate the Truth of who you really are. There is only One Source of Reality and it makes no difference if you are a believer or not. Reality or God always constant always there. You can think you are separate and indeed it IS true for YOU, but don’t think that God is lost just because your afraid of love, which is what God is and what you are.

My only question is “why would you be afraid to remember who you are?”

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