A Course In Miracles – Lead Me Not Into Temptation.

I am presently travelling in Australia, visiting family and friends. Everyone uses our past association as a reference as to how we are suppose to deal with each other. And all of that is well and good because in the end I am only ever dealing with old ideas I hold about myself. And the fact that Truth IS true and nothing else is true relieves me of the necessity to make some sort of declaration as to the nature of my self, in relation to the falsity.

And here is where the rubber really does meet the road. The message of salvation, while it is for everyone, is first for me. And the prayer not to be lead into temptation is that I don’t fall into the trap of believing that any of it is real, in regards to having ANY effect at all on the fact of the Reality we share with God. A mind asleep is nothing more then that, asleep. There is nothing to be done within the falsity. That might lead us to lesson 100, which can be hard for you to simply give in to, especially if you don’t really know what makes you happy. But when you know what it is you have been saved from it doesn’t take much to be extremely grateful.

So simply to be able to see that everything here is a temptation ( a temptation to engage in the problem as having some real effects) becomes a recognition of what it is you have been saved from, the only question would be, do you really see what it is you have been saved from?

I appear to have a choice in front of me but all that God is aware of is my happiness, as a communicative expression of the relationship we share with Him, with each other. We make it seem like a choice between living in one place or another or having one thing as opposed to another, as some sort of assurance of happiness but they are simply ideas within the dream. Our Fathers will for us is perfect happiness. That doesn’t have anything to do with what is not eternal and extends forever. This is why it becomes important to maintain your own conscious contact with the Truth of you because everything here wants to tempts you to do otherwise.

I don’t know if this is helpful or not but I want you to see that you are constantly being tempted to engage in the falsity when all that is really being asked of you is to be happy. In time and space that seems to become “a need to be happy for…” but God isn’t judging your happiness because that is the only way He knows you.

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