The Correction HAS Occurred. Your Freedom Allows You To Give The Gift Of Salvation, Through The Resurrection Of Jesus.

A Course In Miracles as a transformative mechanism has given me an experience that showed me my justification for this place of death IS what my problem is.Listen to what Jesus has to say:

“The Holy Spirit offers you release from EVERY problem that you think you have…For there IS but one mistake; the whole idea that loss is possible, and COULD result in gain for anyone. If THIS were true, then God WOULD be unfair; sin WOULD be possible, attack be justified, and vengeance fair. This ONE mistake, in ANY form, has ONE correction. There IS no loss; to think there IS, is a mistake.” ACIM

So the freedom that comes from the correction of this one mistake affords YOU the privilege of making it available to all the world, through your acceptance that it is true. God only gives and life is the eternal extension of God’s Mind which is your own.
Here’s more from my Savior:

“You who would make a sacrifice of life, and make your eyes and ears bear witness to the death of God and of His holy Son, think not that you have power to make of them what God willed not they be. In Heaven God’s Son is NOT imprisoned in a body, nor is sacrificed in solitude to sin. And as he is in Heaven, so MUST he be eternally and everywhere. He is the same forever. Born again each instant, untouched by time, and FAR beyond the reach of ANY sacrifice of life OR death. For neither did he make, and only ONE was given him, by One Who KNOWS His gifts can NEVER suffer sacrifice and loss.” ACIM

So now we need to have a look at who you THINK you are. In the past you have seen yourself as weak and sinful, born but to die. This IS the correction to that ONE mistake. Say it out loud!

“What Am I ?”

“I am God’s Son, complete and healed and whole, shining in the reflection of His Love. In me is His creation sanctified and guaranteed eternal life. In me is love perfected, fear impossible, and joy established without opposite. I am the holy home of God Himself. I am the Heaven where His Love resides. I am His holy Sinlessness Itself, for in my purity abides His own.” A Course In Miracles

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