A Course In Miracles – Application Over Intellect.

When you have been pushed up, HARD, against your own fear of God…none of your intellect, understanding or concepts are going to help you. In fact, those concepts will only exaggerate the possibility that your fear actually has any reality at all. I see now on twitter and facebook how much everyone loves to quote, and misquote, A Course In Miracles. It just emphasizes how meaningless this little dream of death really is. I see memorials to dead teachers, and the question of “who will carry on his work?” If not YOU then what was being taught? And if not YOU then who? And all it shows me is that without application, ACIM is nothing but sounding brass.

I have been awoken. Am I still in a dream, oh yes. Even the idea of a happy dream, is still just a dream. And the only thing you can do in a dream is to wake up.

The real shift that occurred in me was through my necessity the apply the ideas, presented by Jesus in a The Course. I had no alternative and still have none today.

The Truth is so simple, yet separate identities are that way BECAUSE that is what they want. And the Truth of God WILL obliterate your constructed self identity. And you will think that to be your death yet I will tell you, no, that IS life. To be without fear, to be without concern, to be aware of your self, as God created you. Doe s that take a dependence on God? And even know that question sounds ridiculous! Let’s look at how well your life has gone depending on yourself…and if it really going that well, you certainly don’t need anything I have to say and you won’t need A Course In Miracles.

I appreciate being able to express this message, exactly as I am. Don’t you think it’s time? Have you had enough of this dream of sickness, pain and death?

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