Awakening, through the Enlightenment of your Mind.

There have been some questions put to me about being awake. How do you know your awake? What’s it like to wake up? How can I wake up? I thought I’d write something about my experience and what Jesus says in A Course In Miracles. I hope it helps.

Remembering Jesus in order to stay awake

“Resurrection must compel your allegiance gladly because it is the symbol of joy. Its whole compelling power lies in the fact that it represents what YOU want to be. The freedom to leave behind everything that hurts you, and humbles you, and frightens you, cannot be thrust upon you. But it CAN be offered you through the Grace of God. And you can ACCEPT it BY His Grace, for God IS gracious to His Son, accepting him without question as His own. Who, then, is YOUR own? The Father has given you all that is His, and He Himself is yours WITH them. Guard them in their Resurrection, for otherwise you will not awake in God, safely surrounded by what is yours forever.”

“Its whole compelling power lies in the fact that it represents what YOU want to be.” There it is! You have to want it. You have to see that you are in a dream, of your own making, in which you see absolutely NO solution to the problem that seemingly surrounds you.

As a teacher I will always offer the idea that Jesus’ suffering shortened or lessened the need for my suffering just as the fear I went through means you don’t have to go through it, this IS accomplished. All I really need, in that sense, is for you to accept what is being told to you, after all I am in your dream and guess who told me to tell you? YOU did. Awakening doesn’t have to be hard.

“Forgetting of dreams and the awareness of Christ comes with the awakening of others to SHARE your redemption. You will awaken to your own call, for the call to awake is WITHIN you. If I live in you, you ARE awake. But YOU must see the works I do through you, or you will not perceive that I have done them unto YOU. Do not set limits on what you believe I can do THROUGH you, or you will not accept what I can do FOR you. For it is done ALREADY, and unless you give ALL that you have received, you will not know that your Redeemer liveth, and that YOU have awakened WITH Him. Redemption is recognized ONLY by sharing it.”

“If I live in you, you ARE awake.” Nice! Where are you in your Mind? Are you caught up in the bullshit of your little dream? Are sharing what has been given you so that YOU can remember that you have it? Can you see how active this gets? It requires your full attention, your full participation.
Salvation is the recognition that the truth is true and nothing else is true.” This is where the new age guys bail out. They love the idea that they can pick and choose “bits of information” that will eventually make up some sort “great spiritual understanding.” Ha! All that is, is time. Which is what being asleep is. Which is what the suffering of the world is.

By the Grace of God I have been saved from my own meaningless nightmare of sickness, pain and death. You ARE included in that. There is absolutely no obstacle to your return to God, other then the ones you want to have.

Waking up is simple, it’s terrifying, it’s exhilarating and it’s the only thing you can/will really do here.

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