YOU are the cause of all the suffering in the world.

The only hurdle you will ever have trouble with is the fact that you are the cause of the world and all that that entails.And yet here is Salvation from the world.

What does Jesus say?

“What keeps the world in chains but your beliefs?…”

“…Yet is salvation easily achieved, for anyone is free to change his mind, and all his thoughts change with it.”

“…You have enslaved the world with all your fears, with doubts and miseries, your pain and tears, and all your sorrows press upon it and keep it a prisoner to your beliefs. Death strikes it everywhere because you hold the bitter thought of death within your mind.”

I know you don’t like it when I bring this up because it forces you to either deny that that is what it says or you analysis what you think it means. Without the experience you will forever be trapped in your own conceptual need to justify yourself.

“…Perhaps you think you did not make the world, but came unwillingly to what was made already, hardly waiting for your thoughts to give it meaning. Yet in truth you found exactly what you looked for when you came.”

“Ideas leave not their source.This central theme is often stated in the text, and must be borne in mind if you would understand the lesson for today…”

And now for the kicker, and I know no one is teaching this but maybe it’s time.

There is no world! This is the central thought the course attempts to teach. Not everyone is ready to accept it, and each one must go as far as he can let himself be led along the road to truth. He will return and go still farther, or perhaps step back a while and then return again.

But healing is the gift of those who are prepared to learn there is no world, and can accept the lesson now.”

Can you accept that there is no world? Are you willing to be healed? Or do you want to step back and allow the suffering of the dream figures, which you have put outside yourself, so you can go on merrily entertaining yourself with the mindless games of war and politics and terror.

Now is the only time you will ever be able to come to see what it is you have been doing to yourself. The question is “have you had enough?”

“There is no world because it is a thought apart from God, and made to separate the Father and the Son, and break away a part of God Himself and thus destroy His wholeness. Can a world which comes from this idea be real? Can it be anywhere? Deny illusions, but accept the truth. Deny you are a shadow briefly laid upon a dying world. Release your mind, and you will look upon a world released.”

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