Miracle Principles 11 thru 15 from A Course In Miracles

Continuing to look at the miracle principles of A Course In Miracles. The Human being is a praying animal. In fact you are praying all the time. You are constantly asking, asking for something. Either for yourself or someone else, which we have already learned can only be you.

“Prayer is the medium of miracles. It is a means of communication of the created with the Creator. Through prayer love is received, and through miracles love is expressed.”

Like this particular time of year, it seems to become more apparent, those that have and those that have not. But this is really a comparison of nothing. God has already given you everything, so if you see lack anywhere, it must be only in your Mind. But I guess that’s a step and the admission of responsibility which perhaps you have here-to-fore been unwilling to look at.

“Miracles are thoughts. Thoughts can represent the lower or bodily level of experience, or the higher or spiritual level of experience. One makes the physical, and the other creates the spiritual.

Miracles are both beginnings and endings, and so they alter the temporal order. They are always affirmations of rebirth, which seem to go back but really go forward. They undo the past in the present, and thus release the future.”

You are a thought in the Mind of God. And each moment that you allow it to be brand new you will experience the fullness of an every expanding present condition that has nothing to do with your body in space/time. Yet it will included everything that you think you are, and go far beyond it.

“Miracles bear witness to truth. They are convincing because they arise from conviction. Without conviction they deteriorate into magic, which is mindless and therefore destructive; or rather, the uncreative use of mind.

Each day should be devoted to miracles. The purpose of time is to enable you to learn how to use time constructively. It is thus a teaching device and a means to an end. Time will cease when it is no longer useful in facilitating learning.”

A journey without distance in an instant of reality. I just finished watching the ” The Lion, the Witch and the Wardobe”. The nice thing is the way the children, having spent years in a “magical land”, come out of the wardrobe, as children again, having not been away but more than a moment. That’s this dream. A dream of being in a far off place and now you are entering into a new dream (still just a dream) of awakening to the rememberance of yourself in God, as God.

It’s time to leave. There is NOTHING of value in this meaningless dream of death. Have you had enough?

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