Miracle Principles 16 thru 20 from A Course In Miracles

First of all this Hand Book is essential. Get it. Print it. Use it and give it away.

“Miracles are teaching devices for demonstrating it is as blessed to give as to receive. They simultaneously increase the strength of the giver and supply strength to the receiver.

Miracles transcend the body. They are sudden shifts into invisibility, away from the bodily level. That is why they heal.”

This experience may scare the crap right out of you, but if you are really in need of a miracle why would care how it’s going to look. The nice thing about this principle is that Jesus is telling you about it so that when everything DOES disappears you won’t be afraid. Let’s face it, you can always make another world. But it will be just as unreal as the one your in now.

“A miracle is a service. It is the maximal service you can render to another. It is a way of loving your neighbor as yourself. You recognize your own and your neighbor’s worth simultaneously.”

Service is one, if not the most, important aspects of awakening. It’s how you give yourself away, it’s how you learn, it’s how you teach, it’s how you know that you have been given everything and it’s how you convert the exchange of your conceptual identity to the truth of you. If in doubt, SERVE! If in conflict, SERVE! If at peace, SERVE!

“Miracles make minds one in God. They depend on cooperation because the Sonship is the sum of all that God created. Miracles therefore reflect the laws of eternity, not of time.

Miracles reawaken the awareness that the spirit, not the body, is the altar of truth. This is the recognition that leads to the healing power of the miracle.”

There are dozens of lessons and the text is full of references to the fact that you are not a body. Do you really think there would be such a need to repeat this idea if you wheren’t so heavily entrenched in the idea that you are a body?
So now you are being asked to look at the value you place on your body indentity. Remember, cause and effect are NOT separate, you WILL get the results of aligning yourself with the body, which of course, are sickness, aging, pain then death.

The question would have to be “have you had enough?”

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