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A Course In Miracles – Getting Help From Beyond Yourself.

I am presently in the process of trying to write my story of awakening. I sort of cringe a little when I think about it. When Jesus first asked me to write it down I was cynical and pretty much dragging my feet. When you can realize that the story is already written, then it doesn’t make much sense to struggle with it. Not having any real work for the last month, apart from moving snow occasionally, I have had plenty of time on my hands and so I write.

I started with my spiritual/transformational stories first because I thought they would be the only ones to be of any assistance to those looking for help as they went through their own awakening. But my wife pointed out that my life, growing up and such, is what makes the possibility of awakening such a common place event because I am very much a common guy with a normal up bringing and one that wasn’t full of abuse or trials, it was for the most part care free and happy. And so I have been wandering around my old memories and writing down whatever comes to mind, trusting that Jesus will do the editing when it’s all said and done.

And so it is that I have been looking at the idea of getting or asking for help. You have to understand that everything you require, to be either undone or learned or taught, is within you. That’s what makes this paragraph so cool, in regards to the singular nature of Reality and the Truth of who you are, as Created by God:

“Whenever you fail to recognize a call for help, you are REFUSING help. Would you maintain that you do not NEED it? Yet this IS what you are maintaining, when you refuse to recognize a brother’s appeal. For only by ANSWERING his appeal, can YOU be helped. Deny him YOUR help, and you will NOT perceive God’s answer to YOU. The Holy Spirit does NOT need your help in interpreting motivation, but you DO need HIS. ONLY appreciation is an appropriate response to your brother. Gratitude is due him for both his loving thoughts, and his appeals for help, for both are capable of bringing love into YOUR awareness, IF YOU PERCEIVE THEM TRULY. And ALL your sense of strain comes from your attempts NOT to do just this.” ACIM

One of the reasons this has been floating around me is because I came across a blog post,which I did not leave a comment on, about ACIM, the writer was answering a question that someone had written in regards to; paraphrasing here “should I help someone who is sick or should I just do nothing because it’s just an illusion”. Boy! I hope you can see this by now…If you can see the need for help, it’s too late! You are already “in it”, so what are going to do? Wave your hands and say “It’s just an illusion” ( I did that with a sort of Vincent Price voice, if you can imagine that). Why wouldn’t you extend the simple courtesy of asking “How can I help you?”. By doing so you are allowing the help to be given both of you and you’re not tying yourself to any idea of what it is you think THEY need help with. I hope that makes sense, because lets face it when you don’t need help anymore, you aren’t here.

God Bless Us!