A Course In Miracles – Re-acting To What Is Not There. What God Did Not Create Does Not Exist.

As you begin to mature in this idea of awakening you will start to see just how valuable the Mind Training really is. The two (2) main points Necessity THEN Application.
Jesus really wants me to see that no matter what it seems to be…corporate greed, third world poverty, global destruction, exploration of workers, dumb-ass politics and any other thing you want to add to the list, your “personal repertory of horrors”, you are actually RE Acting to something that is not even there.

From lesson 14:

“God did not create that war, and so it is not real.”
“God did not create that airplane crash, and so it is not real.”
“God did not create that disaster [specify], and so it is not real.”

I completely understand that you think it’s real, otherwise you wouldn’t be reacting to it at all, thus the need for an application of a complete change of mind. For me this is always attached, quite personally, to my Peace of Mind. I am always tempted to believe which ALWAYS requires a correction, which doesn’t come from me and the  question “how much do you want to be at Peace?” Necessity THEN application.

This does get simpler. You have to be aware that most of your problems are going to come from the idea of time, “Oh, I have been at this for years and I feel like nothing has changed”. So you’ve just brought a whole lot of past ( which Isn’t there ) and have been tempted into thinking that YOU are actually “stuck in time”. Yet, my freedom, always comes from a remembering. Remembering who my Source is, remembering what I have been saved from and remembering that my home, a home we share, is not bound in a world of perception.
If you need something to read, here is one of my favourites

Just this moment, right now, you are free. Free to know your Father, free to know yourself and free to save the world.

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