A Course In Miracles – The Catalyst For Change That IS The End Of This World.

How Will The World End?

“Can what has no beginning really end?  The world will end in an illusion, as it began.  Yet will its ending be an illusion of mercy.  The illusion of forgiveness, complete, excluding no one, limitless in gentleness, will cover it, hiding all evil, concealing all sin and ending guilt forever.  So ends the world that guilt had made, for now it has no purpose and is gone” acim tm

Why is there so much fear around the ending of the world? This world, my world, born out of suffering and learnt through tremendous struggle and conflict only to end in my own destruction/death, what is it about this world that I would want so much to keep and maintain it? The truth is I love the things I’ve made but just as you would not let a child play with a sharp knife, for concern of the child cutting and hurting them self, so will this dream be replaced for me, I may go kicking and screaming or I may go willingly but either way the things that hurt me will not stay. It is not my Fathers Will and fundamentally, it is not mine either. But there is good news, Listen!

“…The end of the world is not its destruction, but its TRANSLATION into Heaven. The REINTERPRETATION of the world is the transfer of ALL perception to knowledge.
The Bible tells you to become as little children. Little children recognize that they do not understand what they perceive, and so they ASK WHAT IT MEANS. Do not make the mistake of believing that YOU understand what YOU perceive, for its meaning IS lost to you. But the Holy Spirit has saved its meaning FOR you, and if you will LET Him interpret it FOR you, He will restore what you have thrown away. As long as you THINK YOU KNOW its meaning, you will see no need to ask it OF Him. Yet you do not know the meaning of ANYTHING you perceive. NOT ONE THOUGHT YOU HOLD IS WHOLLY TRUE.” acim ch 10

This Transformation IS working perfectly. And the ensuing upheaval, whilst it may APPEAR to be quite chaotic is happening to bring about a revolution, in my mind, that will bring me back to where I have never really left, an eternal part of Creation. So, if not one thought I hold is wholly true, I am relieved of my ability to judge. I am relieve of my world of sickness, pain and death because, although I was not able to see it, it WAS hurting me.

If I can give you anything, it would be to tell you that you are not now nor have you ever been alone. Let the mountains crumble, let the stock market crash, let our brother came from out in the universe. You and I share an eternal bond, that surmounts and surpasses all dreams, all ideas and all worlds of limitation and struggle and concern. Trust in the Love of Our Father and that Will bring you Home. For that and for YOU I am eternally thankful.

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