A Course In Miracles – As A Teaching Device For The Transformation Of Your Mind.

I always find it fascinating how, so called teachers of A Course In Miracles, like to adapt terms to better suit HOW and WHAT they teach.

For example, the idea that A Course In Miracles is a “self-study” has become prevalent among Course groups, yet, if you really look at the idea, any reasonable mind would tell you that it’s impossible. You would, more often than not come to the Course in search of the answer to your Self. How would you be able to “study” your Self, if you don’t know who you are? You NEED help! And whilst there is nothing outside of you, it may not appear that way in the beginning of your transformation because the help SEEMS to be coming from a Source that you don’t really know about. Here’s Jesus.

“Man can never control the effects of fear himself, because he has CREATED fear and believes in what he creates. In attitude, then, though not in content, he resembles his own Creator, who has perfect faith in His Creations because he Created them. All creation rests on belief, and the belief in the creation produces its existence. This is why it is possible for a man to believe what is not true for anyone else. It is true for him because it is made BY him.
Every aspect of fear proceeds from upside-down perception. The TRULY creative devote their efforts to correcting this. The neurotic devotes his to compromise. The psychotic tries to escape by establishing the truth of his own errors. It is most difficult to free him by ordinary means, only because he is more stable in his denial of truth.”

Now, if you can see that Jesus is talking about you, individually and personally, then you may just have taken a step that will lead you out of your self imposed nightmare. This experience of the loss of your self identity may take on aspects that seem quiet fearful to you. Listen to me. I know they will. And that fear will and can be very overwhelming, but if you have come this far what do you have to loose?

“The Holy Spirit teaches thus: There IS no hell. Hell is only what the ego has made OF THE PRESENT. The BELIEF in hell is what PREVENTS you from UNDERSTANDING the present, because YOU ARE AFRAID OF IT. The Holy Spirit leads as steadily to Heaven, as the ego drives to hell. For the Holy Spirit, Who knows ONLY the present, uses it to UNDO the fear by which the ego would make the present useless. There is NO ESCAPE from fear, in the ego’s use of time. For time, according to its teaching, is nothing but a teaching device for COMPOUNDING guilt, until it becomes all-encompassing, and demands vengeance forever.”

Your afraid of Present!?! So fear now becomes a teaching device, for the Holy Spirit, to show you that you that when you fearful you are following the WRONG teacher and in fact you are following no teacher at all.

The transformative mechanism of A Course In Miracles brings the fear to your attention so it can BE UNDONE FOR YOU. All that takes is a moment of willingness. When you stand here, in this present moment, defenceless, you will experience that there is INDEED nothing to fear. Even your apparent crucifiction and death are no longer required, thanks to Jesus.

“There is a positive interpretation of the crucifixion which is wholly devoid of fear, and therefore wholly benign in what it teaches, if it is properly understood. It is nothing more than an extreme example. Its value, like the value of any teaching device, lies solely in the kind of learning it facilitates. It can be, and has been, misunderstood. But this is only because the fearful are apt to perceive fearfully.

Teaching devices which are totally alien to a learner’s perceptual system are usually merely disruptive. Transfer depends on SOME common elements in the new situation which are understandable in terms of the old.”

That will leave us with the question “How much to do you want to know the Truth about your Self”?

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