The Mission of A Course In Miracles as an Agent of Change in the Forgiveness of Sin

Below I have added the mission statement from A Course In Miracles International. It is attached to the website promoting the up coming

It seems appropriate, at this time, that the idea of forgiveness be brought to the fore front of the conversation. Not just to placate those suffering from the insanity they see around them but as a real and ultimately, final solution to the problem that faces each and everyone of us.


To advance a vision for all people on earth of our divine purpose, to be united in peace and love with all of humanity
in the recognition of our oneness and equality in the sight of God. With no regard to race, color, creed, gender,
or national origin, there is, has been, and will always be, in our species an innate, inborn faculty of expanding
self-realization and understanding of our entire purpose for existence, derived through and by acts of forgiveness and love.

We are certain in our hearts and minds that this new understanding of a True Universal Relationship must and
will bring bright innovative solutions to the often devastating problems of aggregate human existence that have
beset Mankind since the beginning of time.

Our only goal is enlightenment. The means are the consistent and uncompromising application of A Course In Miracles.
Our curriculum directs, supports, enhances and accelerates this transformation of our minds.
Our focus includes service, education, dissemination and communication of the message of A Course In Miracles throughout the world.

The idea of looking for solutions outside of ourselves is fast becoming nonsensical. Sure we would love to have some sort of gun control but where is the line drawn? Imagine a world where the need to defend yourself was no longer a part of the equation!

Your part, in the awakening, is undertaken when you are no longer able to tolerate where it is you find yourself. Until that time, ONLY twelve people killed at the movies will be OK with you.

Do you really want to know what forgiveness offers?

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