A Course In Miracles – You Are Not of This World. You Do As Your Father Does.

The thing I love about Jesus’ message, whether it be in the Bible or A Course In Miracles, is that you can not escape the Law of Cause and Effect. It is not a punishment and you are not bad or sinful for believing the things you do, but the fact that you suffer from these beliefs is a perfect example of how cause and effect works and why it is that YOU DO NEED A CORRECTION.

When Jesus is being questioned by the pharisees, all He says is; I do what my Father does AND SO DO YOU. The only difference is that I know Our Father who is in Heaven and I do ONLY what He does. You believe your father is Abraham and so you die in your sin (separation) because you think that a body ( Abraham), is the cause of you.

There is no point trying to deny the error, as Jesus would express, it is a waste of denial. At this point in time it is far more beneficial to simply admit that “I am mistaken about who I think I am”. And from this place of not knowing you can at least be shown the alternative.

The reason you “die in your sin” is because you think you are not the same as Jesus. Yet reasonable, if Jesus was a divine being, untouched by separation, unaware of suffering, pain and death, how the hell can He save me?
I find myself in a place of sickness, pain, suffering and death! But if my savior doesn’t understand the place that I find myself, why would He even think that I need saving? Jesus is here with me right now and my salvation, from the dream of separation that I made and defend, is given me because He knows me, He knows the place in which I find myself and He knows the way out. That IS His gift to me.

I teach A Course In Miracles because I understand the nightmare in which you find yourself, even if you don’t, yet. This world is not your home. That is not a punishment! It is an opportunity to let go of the beliefs you hold about the world and yourself, in order to receive the Truth about the single Self we share with Jesus because we share the same Father.

Now go and sin no more. Don’t be separate. You have been given the gift of your own freedom to remember the Truth about Our Father and your True purpose IN the world and IN Heaven/Reality.

Go forth and give what has been given you from Our Source.How else will you remember He that sent you. I love it! and I love you.

6 thoughts on “A Course In Miracles – You Are Not of This World. You Do As Your Father Does.

  1. What’s the point of being born in this world if only to be told we are not from it? Of course we’re from it or else it would be self-evident we were not born here. All of this doublespeak does nothing to further understanding of reality and existence but only promotes dogma and blind faith in something that isn’t proven to exist. Feh…

    1. I totally understand that you believe that you are from here but if you really are from here you would feel completely at home and you would not have a need to search for the answer to yourself.

      The idea of existing, struggling, getting old and sick then dying is completely meaningless.

      Reality is singular and completely subjective. Reality is eternal.

  2. Again, what’s the point of being born into this “completely meaningless” existence then? If it is to find the alleged non-“completely meaningless” existence then that is a paradox because if THIS existence is “completely meaningless” then searching for any NON-“completely meaningless” existence is also “completely meaningless”. It doesn’t make sense and just sounds like new age nonsense.

    1. I guess the difference between us is that while you still search for meaning here, I was not able to find any. That lead me to a devastating moment where I felt the complete futility of my human existence. At that point I was given an experience of peace that relieved me of the burden of myself.

      I don’t expect you to understand but I do know that you will have this experience because it’s singular.
      That is how I know you will be saved from this nightmare of sickness,pain and death because I have been.

      God Bless

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