A Course In Miracles – Healing As the Art of The Transformed Mind.

So, in reading some of the “stuff” being written in association with A Course In Miracles, I cringe. I cringe because to address it somehow gives it some sort of validity, which is always the paradox of my need to teach at all, because my salvation depends on it. So I asked Jesus for help,what He showed me was this section, edited OUT of the blue book, which you might find helpful, as I did.

“Healing is both an art and a science, as has so often been said. It is an art because it depends on inspiration in the sense that we have already used the term. Inspiration is the opposite of dis-spiriting, and therefore means to make joyful. The dis-spirited are depressed because they believe that they are literally “without the Spirit,” which is an illusion. You do not PUT the Spirit in them by inspiring them, because that would be “magic,” and therefore would not be real healing. But you DO recognize the Spirit that is ALREADY THERE, and thereby REAWAKEN IT. This is why the healer is part of the Resurrection and the LIFE. The SPIRIT is not asleep in the minds of the sick, but the part of the mind that can perceive it and be glad IS.

Healing is also a science because it obeys the laws of God, whose laws are true. BECAUSE they are true, they are perfectly dependable, and therefore universal in application. The real aim of science is neither prediction nor control, but ONLY UNDERSTANDING. This is because it does NOT establish the laws it seeks; CANNOT discover them through prediction, and has NO control over them at all. Science is nothing more than an approach to WHAT ALREADY IS. Like inspiration, it can be misunderstood as magic, and WILL be whenever it is undertaken as SEPARATE from what already is, and perceived as a means for ESTABLISHING it. To believe this is possible is to believe YOU CAN DO IT. This can ONLY be the voice of the ego.”

Is a commentary about this really necessary? Of course not, but you WILL write books about what you think He means, it’s what you do here.
The creative power of the Mind/Love you Share with God goes way beyond any forms you present here in space and time. But you made the symbols of separation within this dark little nightmare you call life and you can now use each and everyone to point beyond this dream to the Truth. You can listen to a podcast I gave about this by clicking here.

“Truth can only be RECOGNIZED, and NEED only be recognized. Inspiration is of the Spirit, and certainty is of God according to His laws.”

God Bless

5 thoughts on “A Course In Miracles – Healing As the Art of The Transformed Mind.

  1. Amen, brother. All a teacher can do is keep repeating the truth over and over. Those that are ready to hear, will hear. Those that are trying to hear will be happy to have been reminded again. Those that don’t care, probably won’t read your blog. In all cases, it’s all good. Love and blessings to you.

  2. Hi, Listened to part of a podcast on Healing and Faith. Fabulous! Thank you for reading the text. I started back at Chapter 1, so that I could really embody miracle mindedness, and have vision to be the ready when needed. It was perfect to find the part in the book that elaborates on those earlier simply stated precepts. Thanks again. also nothing better than Dave Matthews. Was it recorded in the middle of night? Carry on friend!

    1. Thanks for the comments. It really is time for a complete, permenant shift from this little, separate, dream of sickness and death.
      Dave knows and express’ it so well.
      God Bless

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