A Course In Miracles – From Learning To The Christ. A Short Step Off A Long Drop.

Yes, all learning must end because the whole purpose of learning is to remind you of what you have forgotten. Your Kingdom is not of this world. The Christ, our SHARED Self, has no need of learning. Here’s Jesus;
“The Christ in you inhabits NOT a body. Yet He IS in you. And thus MUST it be that YOU are not within a body. What is within you CANNOT be outside. And it is certain that YOU cannot be APART from what is at the very CENTER of your life. What gives you life cannot be housed in death. NO MORE CAN YOU. Christ is within a frame of holiness, whose ONLY purpose is that He may be made manifest to those who know Him not; that He may call to them to come to Him, and see Him where they THOUGHT their bodies were. Then will their bodies melt away, that they may frame His holiness in them.

No-one who carries Christ in him can fail to recognize Him everywhere. EXCEPT IN BODIES. And, as long as they believe they are in bodies, where they think they are He CANNOT be. And so they carry Him unknowingly, and do not make Him manifest. And thus they do not recognize Him where He IS. The son of man is NOT the risen Christ. Yet does the Son of God abide EXACTLY where he is, and walks with him, within his holiness, as plain to see as is his specialness set forth within his body”.ACIM Chapter 25

My transformative experience, as distressing and fearful and upsetting as it was, came about because my time was up. A predetermined amount of self exile in a dream of my own making, “create your own reality” indeed! It included all of the body, fantasies, relationships, maintenance, all of it. Nothing can be left out because there IS nothing outside of you. Is the time of learning passed? You bet! Are you The Christ? Absolutely!

The only question I could ask is “What are you doing here?” Are you an extension of the light of The Self we share with God or are you making up time/identity so you can “create your own reality”, in order to study how  to get old and sick and then die?

Let’s not be ridiculous.

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