A Course In Miracles – Everyone Gets This! And that’s What Pisses You Off.

Sitting with Jesus this morning looking at the idea that everyone gets the same pay. And how completely unjust you really think that is. It’s the reason you love to read about how Helen went to her death hating A Course In Miracles. It’s so obviously constructed so that you can feel better about your own inability to solve the problem of your existent association.

Guess what? God doesn’t know anything about this!

You, not your brother, not the world, have fabricated an identity to justify your love of separation. You think it gives you power but all it does is expose just how weak you really are.

Helen had to, in a very real sense, dissociate from what she was writing down otherwise she would have put all her Jewish,  psychotherapy, atheistic bullshit all over The Course and it would have been impossible to get the message to you. Remember, she did that for YOU! Your enlightenment and salvation includes Helen!

The awakening is singular. Your part is crucial. Through the forgiveness of your own need to be separate your part will, is and was fulfilled perfectly. When you start to compare the job you have in the vineyard just remember, we all get the same pay, yes everyone.

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