A Course In Miracles – The transformation of you is already complete.

These are the days following the resurrection. Jesus is out and about, he stopped by a moment ago and told me I should write this post.
A little like Paul (Saul), I write more as a message to myself in remembrance of what has been given me. You will never convince anyone else of this transformation that IS occurring. All you can do is be true to yourself. And whilst the very nature of teaching is an attempt at conversion I know in the very depths of my being that I do this for my Self. I need to remember.

The light experiences, that are the result of my awakening, are physical. You would call them by another name; Headache, cancer, disease, depression and the list goes on but I know what it is. Sometimes that’s reassuring. It’ doesn’t mean you don’t have to go through whatever you think you need to go through but at least now you have the possibility of an understanding that will transcend your necessity to label it or judge it.

Your wholeness, as Created by God, is simply remembered. Sure, do the workbook, that’s how we can make it seem reasonable. But come on!! the thing that needs to be convinced to return to God isn’t anything. It is the self constructed idea you hold in replacement for the Love of God. It is only your need to sequence time that seems to make the “coming to know God” some sort of process. Could it possible take time to remember God/your Self?

I want you to know that this transformative experience is ok to have. Don’t let the world tell you what you are. Awaken from this dream of death and come home. I know you don’t really know what all that entails so you will have to trust me or trust the words that express your salvation HAS been accomplished through our Savior Jesus Christ and that we share because there is nothing else to share here.

Be of good cheer. You ARE free!!

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