A Course In Miracles– The Dawning Of His Gifts. Remembered through Giving.

I have  been looking at Chapter 7 of A Course In Miracles, “The Gifts Of The Kingdom”, and I am always surprised at the uncompromising simplicity of Jesus message.

It is consistently and only ever exposing me to the Truth of my Reality, as Created by God.

Jesus, God bless him, just circles around and around and around. Problem, solution both in the same place. Paradox, God has given you EVERYTHING as His perfect Creation, yet He knows nothing of your need to get sick and old and suffer and die.

Don’t get caught in studying the paradox. Accept that you are in a dream and that you are the dreamer and that by the Grace of God in a moment ( this moment) of asking for help, the truth WILL dawn upon your Mind just as it did for me, as a whole part of the Kingdom, which includes you, because we are not separate.


Salvation isn’t hard, it’s just different.

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