A Course In Miracles – Being A Teacher Of God Series ~ Before Time was and After Time Was Over.

It’s hard for a sequential, liner, time mind to fully understand what “came before” or “came after”  time. I am using past tense intentionally. That’s because you have been poorly taught. What lies beyond time is everything you really are. As a Teacher of God all I can really ever do is point you in the direction of Truth, after that, it’s up to you.

“God gives special gifts to His teachers, because they have a special role in His plan for Atonement. Their specialness is, of course, only temporary; set in time as a means of leading out of time.”

Just remember… Time is a made up thing and has nothing at all to do with Reality. Time is nothing but a dream of space which you have placed between yourself and the truth.
Here is Jesus from the Course
“The miracle abolishes the need for lower order concerns. Since it is an illogical, or out-of-pattern time interval, by definition, the ordinary considerations of time and space do not apply.
For example, I do NOT regard time as you do, and Kolb’s space problem is NOT mine. When YOU perform a miracle, I will arrange both time and space to adjust to it.”

Jesus will “snip out” any unwanted intervals of time which may delay your homecoming. When you get beyond the need to sequence your time intervals, you will discover an abundance of time. It’s a present condition where you no longer hold onto old moments of time; it really is quite an experience. As you undergo this transformation you may have moments of losing it again, and that’s OK because once you have a reference for it, you will want it more and more.

“But eternity ITSELF is beyond ALL time. Reach out of time and touch it, with the help of its reflection IN you, and you will turn FROM time to holiness, as surely as the reflection of holiness calls everyone to lay all guilt aside. Reflect the peace of Heaven HERE, and bring this world to Heaven. For the REFLECTION of truth draws everyone TO truth. And as they enter INTO it, they leave ALL reflections behind. In Heaven, reality is SHARED, and not reflected. By sharing its reflection HERE, its truth becomes the only perception which the Son of God accepts. And thus, remembrance of His Father dawns on him, and he can no longer be satisfied with anything but his own reality.”

“Holy are you, eternal, free and whole, at peace forever in the Heart of God. Where is the world, and where is sorrow now?

“Is this your judgment on yourself, teacher of God? Do you believe that this is wholly true? No, not yet, not yet. But this is still your goal; why you are here. It is your function to prepare yourself to hear this Judgment and to recognize that it is true. One instant of complete belief in this, and you will go beyond belief to Certainty. One instant out of time can bring time’s end. Judge not, for you but judge yourself, and thus delay this Final Judgment.”

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