A Course In Miracles- Being A Teacher Of God Series ~ Open-Mindedness. A New Beginning.

Being A Teacher Of God

Open-Mindedness. A New Beginning

“The centrality of open-mindedness, perhaps the last of the attributes the teacher of God acquires, is easily understood when its relation to forgiveness is recognized. Open-mindedness comes with lack of judgment. As judgment shuts the mind against God’s Teacher, so open-mindedness invites Him to come in. As condemnation judges the Son of God as evil, so open-mindedness permits him to be judged by the Voice for God on His behalf. As the projection of guilt upon him would send him to hell, so open-mindedness lets Christ’s image be extended to him. Only the open-minded can be at peace, for they alone see reason for it.

How do the open-minded forgive? They have let go all things that would prevent forgiveness. They have in truth abandoned the world, and let it be restored to them in newness and in joy so glorious they could never have conceived of such a change. Nothing is now as it was formerly.”

That is from the Manual for Teachers. What I love about this section is how Jesus brings you straight to your own necessity for forgiveness, and how your judgments are shutting down any hope of light and communication from entering your awareness. Now maybe you can see just how beneficial forgiveness is FOR YOU! In your willingness to be wrong and to let go of your judgments of what you think SEEMS to be happening, something new can occur.

When forgiveness rests on you, being for you alone, you will experience a sense of Peace that will allow you to “be in the world but not of it.” It is quite an amazing aspect of this transformation. Once you’ve had this experience, you will still make mistakes, but you can rest assured that the correction IS available.

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