A Course In Miracles – Being A Teacher Of God Series ~ The Joy Of Being Wrong

Being A Teacher Of God

The Joy Of Being Wrong

If you could start from the point of view of being completely wrong, your progress would be rapid and joyful. The funny thing about A Course In Miracles is that it will actually enhance your conceptual ability to justify your point of view. Isn’t that wild! You will be better at debating ANY side of ANY argument because the training gives you a broader way of looking at yourself and the world. And what are the effects of this new found power? You will be able to tear your brother to shreds and embarrass him and make him feel quite stupid. The only problem with that, as you really begin to awaken, is that it’s going to make you feel terrible.

Remember that the Holy Spirit is the ANSWER, not the question. The ego always speaks first, because it is capricious and does NOT mean its maker well. This is because it believes, and correctly, that its maker may withdraw his support from it at any moment. If it meant you well, it would be glad, as the Holy Spirit will be glad when He has brought you home and you no longer need His guidance. The ego does NOT regard itself as part of you. Herein lies its primary perceptual error, the foundation of its whole thought system.”

This is one pit fall I really hope I can spare you from. When you see how you have been using The Course to “beat your brother up with,” it is quite painful, not to mention embarrassing. So hopefully you can avoid this. And what will make it easier for you is to remember the fact that you ARE wrong. If you have not brought any of your past references/learning to the situation, you will be free to experience something completely new in you and in your brother. You have been wrong about EVERYTHING, and what a joyful surprise that really is!

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