A Course In Miracles – Being A Teacher Of God Series ~ What will I say?

Being A Teacher Of God

What will I say?

As you start out on your own need to express the truth of what has been given you, you will inevitably run into the problem of standing there with absolutely nothing to say. On these occasions the simplest thing to do is just open the Course and read what it says.

There will also be times when you are with family or friends, and you may feel the need to “set them straight” or “teach them the truth.” And that is, of course, all well and dandy. Just don’t be surprised when the thing flat-lines and you’re left staring at the walls. As a teacher of God, I have “been there, done that” and this is not so much a warning, but a reminder not to feel to bad or guilty when it happens to you.

You know Jesus has infinite patience, and I get told to do things all the time; it is my experience that it’s OK to question what is being suggested. If you are really being told to tell someone something, or perhaps to go and stand next to someone, it will happen. But in the early stages you are prone to want to jump in and take control or just preach. Step back, ask to be shown, you will get the guidance YOU need.

Remember! To teach is to demonstrate. Your best teaching may not have anything to do with what you say, and this brings us back to trust.

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