A Course in Miracles – Being A Teacher Of God Series ~ The Training

Being A Teacher Of God
The Training

For anyone interested in becoming a teacher of God the first and only step is to start actually doing the workbook lessons from A Course In Miracles. Although the training period is one year, that does not mean that you can’t teach what it is you are learning; in fact, it is through the sharing of these new ideas, or teaching, that they will take on a greater significance for you.

“To teach is to demonstrate. There are only two thought systems, and you demonstrate that you believe one or the other is true all the time. From your demonstration others learn, and so do you. The question is not whether you will teach, for in that there is no choice. The purpose of the course might be said to provide you with a means of choosing what you want to teach on the basis of what you want to learn. You cannot give to someone else, but only to yourself, and this you learn through teaching.”

This quotation is from the Manual for Teachers in A Course in Miracles, following the Text and the Workbook. Quite simply, you are teaching all the time. As a teacher of God your only focus is on the expression and extension of truth. You don’t have to be concerned that you have no idea what the truth is because Jesus, in His Course, has already taken that into consideration. If you really knew what the truth was, you wouldn’t need Jesus or a Course to teach.

Welcome to your transformation.

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