“There is no world”, Is Not A Punishment. It’s Salvation!

The concept of there not being any world is not altogether new, it appears in popular and religious culture. Just look at the matrix movie for example. When the child says to Neo, “There is no spoon!”, it’s the exact same idea. Jesus in His Course In Miracles mentions it often, especially in Lesson 132 “I loose the the world from all I thought it was”.

It surprised me to find that when the foundation published The Course, someone thought it necessary to bury the line “There is no world! This is the central thought the course attempts to teach.” In between two paragraphs. Yet the original had it at the beginning of the paragraph. Which leads me to believe that the editor, having actually heard what it had said, became fearful, and thought perhaps we shouldn’t cause the reader more concern then was necessary.

That leads me to express  that Jesus is not trying to scare or confuse you, He is simply stating a fact. It’s not meant to be some sort of lofty, unknowable, transcendental concept.
It is an experience and it’s inevitable. Why? Because there is no world!

I can’t say how this will come about for you, but I can tell you that it’s OK to let this world go. Your Kingdom is not of this world. And as this world disappears, because it does and it did, what you will be given to look upon will bring you endless Joy. It’s a surprise but you will never know it until you have had enough of this place of sickness, pain and death. Let it go and come on Home.

It really is OK to wake up and return to your Father.
I love you

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