Finding The Gift of Release Through Four Simple Words.

I was quietly sitting on the couch the other day when I opened The Course In Miracles. I opened to chapter 20, section 2.

Jesus starts off causally asking me to look at all the stuff I use to adorn my body and how the body’s pleasure is a constant concern, which is all fair enough.Then as I read on He says this to me;

“This Easter, look with different eyes upon each other. You HAVE forgiven me. And yet, I cannot use your gift of lilies, while you see them not.”

It washed over me with such a feeling of relief that I can’t begin to describe it, suffice to say it was exceptional.As I closed my eyes I could see Jesus in a white robe and an arm full of lilies*, smiling.

This experience is always available to you. Jesus is constantly (and patiently) waiting for you to simply let go. It’s a surprise!

This IS over. We simply look back on this and replay it in our Minds as if we see it now. All I can do is offer you what HAS been given me and that IS a freedom which goes way beyond this little place and time. Thank you for being yourself, perfect as God Created you.

*A little later on in the day as the Joy of that experience washed over me again, I saw Jesus put down the flowers and hop out of the robe. He showed me that all these “visions” are simply “props”, that can be used anytime, anywhere. Whatever you need in any form or any phenomenon, to come to know the truth IS available.

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