I Have Decided To Teach A Course In Miracles Because God Does Not Know Of Sickness, Pain and Death.

You are the light of the world

This will soon become very reasonable to you…

“To you, into whose special relationship the Holy Spirit entered, it IS given to release and be released from the dedication to death. For it was offered you, and you ACCEPTED. But you must learn still more about this strange devotion, for it contains the third of the obstacles that peace must flow across. No-one can die unless he chooses death. What seems to be FEAR of death, is really its ATTRACTION. Guilt, too, is feared and fearful. Yet it could have no hold at all, except on those who are attracted to it, and seek it out. And so it is with death. Made by the ego, its dark shadow falls across all living things, because the ego is the “enemy” of life.

And yet, a shadow cannot kill. What is a shadow to the living? They but walk past, and it is gone. But what of those whose dedication it is NOT to live? The black-draped “sinners,” the ego’s mournful chorus, plodding so heavily AWAY from life, dragging their chains and marching in the slow procession that honors their grim master, lord of death? Touch any one of them with the gentle hand of forgiveness, and watch the chains fall away, along with YOURS. See him throw aside the black robe he was wearing to his funeral, and hear him laugh at death. The sentence sin would lay upon him, he can escape with your forgiveness.

This is NOT arrogance. It is the Will of God. What is impossible to you who choose His Will as yours? What is death to you?…”acim chapter 19

And so now is the time and here is the place in which your dedication to Death is happily forgiven and forgotten. Nothing can change the Eternal Reality of God’s Son.

Welcome Home

2 thoughts on “I Have Decided To Teach A Course In Miracles Because God Does Not Know Of Sickness, Pain and Death.

  1. This makes perfect sense, those who fear death, attact death, for what we think about expands.
    To die while living is the thing we must learn to do, for then we will learn not to fear the death and re-birth which awaits us.

  2. Well the paradox of “I die daily” comes into play but not as a concept. The little self that makes plans, organizes, controls and defends itself is in no way real so it’s death isn’t anything, but thats an experience of turning your life AND YOUR WILL over to the care of God.

    God Bless

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