The Paradox of Existent Self Identity. You Can Only Occupy An Instant of Time.


All Conceptual form associations are not true i.e. You as a body struggling to exist are not so. For me that was very helpful. It was also the undoing of me as I had constructed myself. I am transforming but I also am unable to lose sight of the fact that, as God Created me, there is nothing to transform.

In this dream of apparent separation it is so easy to get drawn into correspondence as being outside of yourself. And here we start to see the paradox emerge. And I won’t go into it suffice to say, I find myself here, in this moment, all I can do in the complete uncertainty of this place is depend on God.

Am I in a body? Of course. Do I appear to be in time and space? Sure. Does it have anything to do with reality? Don’t be ridiculous! And this is where you “click” to the next site. I am no help to you. I have been exposed to the truth and I am no longer able to qualify your human condition. It’s simply not so.

And that’s why Oprah and Dr Phil are so popular. They justify the separation then attempt to rectify it, which really only magnifies the idea that you can be separate. So you get your fix, or relief so you can go about your day…until you die. And it’s nuts!

Jesus’ whole message is one of your perfection as God Created you and your neighbor IS you. If you really understood that Self is singular you wouldn’t be able to stand the crap that goes on here, I don’t know how you stand it.

I am talking to myself. It’s time to wake up.

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