From Darkness to Light ~ Self Recognition through A Course In Miracles

You are the Light of the World. Deny the darkness and BE the Light“When you are weary, remember you have hurt yourself. Your Comforter will rest with you, but YOU cannot. YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW, for if you did, you could never have grown weary…”

It’s always a surprise to me just how reasonable Jesus is in His expression of the truth.

“…Unless you have hurt yourselves, you could never suffer in ANY way, for that is not God’s Will for His Son. Pain is not of Him, for He knows no attack, and His peace surrounds you silently. God is very quiet, for there is no conflict in Him. Conflict is the root of all evil, for being blind, it does not see whom it attacks. But it ALWAYS attacks the Son of God, and the Son of God is YOU.”

Even if that doesn’t make any sense to you, surely you could entertain the slightest possibility that you would like it to be true.

No one is attacking you. If anything can be attacked that must mean that everything can be attacked and if everything can be attacked then God would be attacking Himself and THAT doesn’t make any sense.

“God’s Son is indeed in need of comfort, for he knows not what he does, believing his will is not his own. The Kingdom is his, and yet he wanders homelessly…”

Your Kingdom is NOT of this world. Why value anything here when you know you don’t belong here?

“…At home in God he is lonely, and amid all his brothers he is friendless. Would God let this be real, if He did not will to be alone Himself? And if your will is His, it CANNOT be true of you, BECAUSE it is not true of Him. Oh my children, if you knew what God wills for you, your joy would be complete! And what He wills HAS happened, for it was ALWAYS true.”

That sounds very much like God has given you everything and the only thing you can do is fantasize about rejecting it for something you think to be of greater worth. Which is not Gods Will so it must be impossible.

“…The way is not hard, but it IS very different. Yours is the way of pain, of which God knows nothing.”

I KNOW you don’t like that! God doesn’t know of your suffering, Ha! You can get as pissed as you want but you will be all alone in there because the Universe of Light is going on all around you, despite what you believe, and it knows nothing of sickness, pain and death.

“…But the dark journey is not the way of God’s Son. Walk in light, and do not see the dark companions, for they are not fit companions for the Son of God, who was created OF Light and IN Light. The Great Light ALWAYS surrounds you, and shines out FROM you. How can you see the dark companions in a Light such as this? If you see THEM, it is only because you are denying the Light. But DENY THEM INSTEAD, for the Light is here, and the way is clear.”

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