What has the body REALLY given you, that justifies your strange belief that in it lies salvation?

bodyThe human condition is so entrenched in it’s idea of “being a body”, that it constantly over looks all the facts, from BOTH science and religion. Those being that eyes don’t actually see and the hears don’t actually hear. And the only real possibilities for joining are in ideas we hold about ourselves. Here’s Jesus;

“Communion is another kind of completion, which goes beyond guilt BECAUSE it goes beyond the body. Communion comes with peace, and peace MUST transcend the body. We said that peace must first surmount the obstacle of your desire to get rid of it. Where the attraction of guilt holds sway, peace is NOT WANTED. The second obstacle that peace must flow across, and closely related to thebodies=sickness first, is the belief that the body is valuable FOR WHAT IT OFFERS. For here is the attraction of guilt MADE MANIFEST in the body, and SEEN in it.

THIS is the value that you think peace would ROB you of. This is what you believe that it would dispossess, and leave YOU homeless. And it is this for which YOU would deny a home to peace. This “sacrifice” you feel to be too great to make, too much to ask of you. Is it a SACRIFICE, or a RELEASE? What has the body REALLY given you, that justifies your strange belief that in it lies salvation? Do you not see that this is the belief in DEATH? Here is the focus of the perception of Atonement as murder. Here is the SOURCE of the idea that love is fear.”

I know you don’t like hearing this, but you know what passes for “love” around here. You know that if you are really asked to look upon your IDEA of love, you would see IMMEDIATELY how pathetic your idea of love really is. Yet, in the exposure is the healing. The light of truth WILL correct ALL errors in my mind. But do you want it?

“The Holy Spirit’s messengers are sent far beyond the body, calling the mind to join in holy communion, and be at peace. Such is the message that I gave them, for YOU. It is only the messengers of FEAR that see the body, for they look for what can suffer. Is it a sacrifice to be REMOVED from what can suffer? The Holy Spirit does not DEMAND you “sacrifice” the hope of the body’s pleasures. It HAS no hope of pleasure. But neither can it bring you fear of pain. Pain is the ONLY “sacrifice” the Holy Spirit asks. And this He WOULD remove.

Peace is extended from you only to the eternal. And it reaches out FROM the eternal in YOU. It flows across all else. The second obstacle is no more solid than the first. For you will neither to get rid of peace, nor to LIMIT it. What are these obstacles that you would interpose between peace and its going forth, but barriers you place between your will and its accomplishment? You WANT communion, NOT the feast of fear. You WANT salvation, NOT the pain of guilt. AND YOU WANT YOUR FATHER, NOT a little mound of clay, to be your home.”

body=deathYou see how quickly this little body, made as a fence to keep reality at bay, crumbles into nothingness. In truth, it is not even there! And all you think it has to offer, are but fleeting dreams is a serial adventure from which you must and will awaken.And now is the only time that can be accomplished.

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