Duality Is What The Mistake Is. Conversion Is The Repetition Of Remembering God, Yourself.

I have been looking at Joesph Campbell and his stories on the power of myth. He talks about how myths can evoke in us an experience that transcends our little, everyday self and catapults us on an adventure to knowing who we are. This would have to be true, seeing as that is all there really is to experience.

What I love about the picture, below, is that it represents self, as perfectly aligned and at peace with itself but as soon as you move, ever so slightly to the left or right you end up in duality. Male/female, right/wrong, good/bad all of which must be seen with perception, which is what judgment IS.

The experience of remembering God in an instant of duality

God doesn’t judge! I have a very fundamental acceptance that while I attempt to write or talk about anything I have moved from the experience of reality into duality.That’s why the Mind Training, for me, is so important. It is a repetition of an instant in which i released the past, forgot to plan for the future and simply disappeared into the quite certainty that, God IS!

Jesus is not fool by your attempts to maintain a place in time and space that is not real. You have MADE it real and so it’s real to you. But everyone at some time as had an experience which could not be explained within the confines of time and space. Through the forgiveness of your own judgments upon yourself you enter a new time and a new space, there is only one. But you bring a light with you that will shine on all your old images and through the miracle they will simply return to the nothingness that they always were.

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