I am entitled to miracles because I am under no laws but God’s. His laws release me from all grievances, and replace them with miracles.

I would accept the miracles in place of the grievances, which are but illusions that hide the miracles beyond. Now I would accept only what the laws of God entitle me to have, that I may use it on behalf of the function He has given me.”

The last coulple days have been…well, they’ve disappeared due to the amazing amount of light. Yet all the while I’ve been seeing the nature of the human being as just exactly what it is, a grievance!
The funny thing is, that if you actually got completely grievous, you would disappear!But instead the whole human condition, and I mean you, maintain some sort balance between, being pissed off and being not quite as pissed off, Ha! Look at it. The traffic light that just won’t change, the co-worker who insists on doing “that little thing” that bugs the hell out of you. Your wish to look different. The president, your priest, the local grocer, the oil companies, everyday all these “little” grievances. It’s actually what hell is. The slow torture of yourself in an attempt to alleviate the guilt you feel, the guilt of thinking you can separate from God. Very Strange.

“The ego’s plan for salvation centers around holding grievances. It maintains that if someone else spoke or acted differently; if some external circumstance or event were changed, you would be saved. Thus the source of salvation is constantly perceived as outside yourself. Each grievance you hold is a declaration, and an assertion in which you believe, that says, “If this were different, I would be saved.” The change of mind that is necessary for salvation is thus demanded of everyone and everything except yourself.”

Jesus doesn’t mess around when it comes to looking straight at the problem. When it’s first brought to your attention, it’s well, embarassing, to say the lest. But it’s also your release, your salvation, your way out of hell.
Without the exposure there can be no healing. Your so rapped up in your littleness that your deaf, dumb and blind to everything that is going on, all around you. Once again we’re back to time, have you had enough? A Course In Miracles is a very practical, fast track confrontation with yourself. The biggest suprise for me was that I actually thought that enlightenment meant “knowing lots of stuff” but the more I undergo this transformative process, the more I realize I don’t know anything. The upside of that is, I can’t judge, because I don’t have a clue what anything is for. Which leads to my dependence on God, for everything.

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