All fear is ultimately reducible to the basic misperception of man’s ability to USURP the power of God.

“It is again emphasized that he neither CAN nor HAS been able to do this. In this statement lies the real justification for his escape from fear. This is brought about by his acceptance of the Atonement, which places him in a position to realize that his own errors never really occurred.”

I know you don’t like that, none of this ever really occurred. But it’s in this fact that your salvation lies. If it were really possible to be separate from God you would be forever separate. All power IS given you in Heaven and on earth, remember? You are simply asleep in a dream, of your own making, which you will and did awaken from. There is nothing in all the world to fear. Good News!!

There is a lot of light as we enter into this brand new moment, don’t be concerned that’s it’s physical, because it IS physical! Just be willing to stand here for a moment and let it change. Jesus is here and the light is all around you. Don’t be afraid to give it all away.

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