“To the advanced teacher of God this question is meaningless. There is no program, for the lessons change each day. Yet the teacher of God is sure of but one thing; they do not change at random. Seeing this and understanding that it is true, he rests content. He will be told all that his role should be, this day and every day. And those who share that role with him will find him, so they can learn the lessons for the day together. Not one is absent whom he needs; not one is sent without a learning goal already set, and one which can be learned that very day. For the advanced teacher of God, then, this question is superfluous. It has been asked and answered, and he keeps in constant contact with the Answer. He is set, and sees the road on which he walks stretch surely and smoothly before him.”

How’s your conscious contact going?

For me this is the key. Without a personal relationship with my Father, then whats the point?
When you strip EVERYTHING away and you are left with absolutely nothing…That’s where you find yourself. No books, no teachers, no distractions. And then there’s the converse of that, when you are at work, deadlines to meet, “people” pulling you this way and that, wanting your attention. Are you still able to talk to your “ol man”? Are you still able find that place deep within you where all this crap disappears?

There’s is no doubt it takes a conscious application but are you willing? Because, lets face it, the bottom line is, you ARE doing this to yourself. We have atleast come that far, haven’t we?
Jesus is nothing if not practical.

This course is always practical. It may be that the teacher of God is not in a situation that fosters quiet thought as he awakes. If this is so, let him but remember that he chooses to spend time with God as soon as possible, and let him do so. Duration is not the major concern. One can easily sit still an hour with closed eyes and accomplish nothing. One can as easily give God only an instant, and in that instant join with Him completely. Perhaps the one generalization that can be made is this; as soon as possible after waking take your quiet time, continuing a minute or two after you begin to find it difficult. You may find that the difficulty will diminish and drop away. If not, that is the time to stop.”

Sounds like Jesus has you pegged, Ha!. I really do love the course but in the end it still takes YOU wanting the “something else” that will show you the truth of who you are, as God Created you.
Now is the only time there is and where you find yourself MUST be the place so…Thank you Father!

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