A Course In Miracles As The Constant Reminder

Last Supper


No matter how far you seem to come in your “apparent” transformation, A Course In Miracles will always bring you to the realization that none of this so. This is a dream that has nothing to do with reality. Conceptual man can’t ever know this. And there is always the temptation to try to make what the Course says apart of your own association, apart of your relationship of death, a way to justify the nothingness of you in separation and it will never work.

All Jesus ever says is that your Kingdom is NOT of this world. Which hasn’t really solved your problem, or you would have simply sprung into light and been gone from here. But atleast it can avail you the opportunity to see that it’s “not this!”

It does take a moment of being a body in space and time, which could only have lasted for the moment that you found yourself here. In the very next instant, after saying “this place is ridiculous!”, you were back where you have always been.

These early workbook lessons really set a perfect foundation. A Foundation based on truth and on freedom and peace and light. If ever you run into trouble go back to and apply the first seven lessons.


1 thought on “A Course In Miracles As The Constant Reminder

  1. Hi, Tony. This is an interesting concept concerning miracles; of which I’ve had so many in my life that I’ve now lost count. However, you might be interest in two miracles that I have posted at my blog: “Blessings in Disguise” and “One Amazing Day.”

    I don’t think I’ve seen you posting before and look forward to more of your thoughts. Perhaps, you will pay a visit to my blog. 🙂

    Much love in Christ,

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